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The particular sections of practical information will answer all of your questions related to a research stay in Slovakia.

The aim of this portal is to gather relevant information, providing a useful overview about what needs to be addressed and possibly what steps to take.

With our portal, you will be able to find your way through more easily, and for more specific (official) information we refer to the websites of respective competent authorities or bodies.

More on administrative duties for foreigners coming to Slovakia to study, teach or carry out research can be found also in our publication - practical guide, here >>. The guide will give you an overview of the formalities towards the national authorities related to your stay in Slovakia. Please, follow the "Navigation" and you will easily identify the procedures and documents needed in your specific situation.

Please note that the information on the legislation is for informational purposes only. In particular cases you should contact the competent institution that will provide you a solid answer, even taking into account the current state of the problem, which can quite often be subject to change.

Mobility & the EU

In the context of the EU it is very helpful to know your rights and use them. To find out more on them in a comprehensible way go to Your Europe website (initiative of the European Commission).

When you already know your rights, but you see that the authorities don't, and you come across a problem because of incorrect implementation of your rights, contact SOLVIT - an on-line problem solving network of legal experts on Internal Market, and submit your case.



Authentication and translation of documents

Daily Life

Education System in Slovakia


Entry Conditions and Legal Stay and Work

Guide to administrative duties - Entry and stay in Slovakia

Health Insurance

Research in Slovakia

Recognition of Diplomas and Qualifications

Slovakia in Brief

Social Security


Checklist - what to do when coming to Slovakia

Information for mobile couples (families)

Last modified: 2015-06-24

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