New edition of the "International Researcher's Guide to Slovakia" is out!

Are you an international researcher planning your move to Slovakia? Or are you already here? Do you want to know more about your new country, about the research system and its funding? Do you need a hand  when dealing with national authorities regarding your temporary residence, social security or document authentication? Are you coming with your spouse and/or kids? Would you like to immerse yourself into the Slovak culture, learn a language and discover the beauties of Slovak nature? 

If you answered "Yes" at least once, our guide is precisely for you. Find the answers to all your questions in this new edition. 

The guide is structured in seven chapters, containing information on following topics:
2. About Slovakia
3. Research in Slovakia
4. Research & Development Funding
5. Formalities - how to be ready for the national authorities
6. Daily life in Slovakia
7. Glossary 

We will welcome all your comments and suggestions at

Last modified: 2016-11-08

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